About Us


ShowFX is one of Australia’s most progressive and well regarded fireworks and special effects companies. Since 1995, we have successfully delivered fireworks and special effect spectaculars both across Australia and internationally.

The core business of ShowFX is display fireworks, indoor pyrotechnics, confetti, and special effects such as flame and CO2 effects. These special effects have a wide variety of uses including large fireworks displays, outdoor festivals, sporting events, concerts and tours, product launches, community and corporate events, film and television.

The main operation of ShowFX is run from our Tullamarine warehouse in Victoria Australia, which is where we design and build equipment to suit the specific needs of our customers’ shows. ShowFX enjoys the reputation as one of Australia’s premier, specialist pyrotechnic and special effects companies. This is due to its high integrity, customer driven service ethic and a vision to strive for exciting and excellent value for money entertainment.

With ever changing technology, our imagination and enthusiasm inspire our clients to add diversity to their events and we continue to work with our clients to create new and innovative ideas.

With our experienced and dedicated team, ShowFX will continue to entertain for many years to come.

The Crew

  • Allan_BASE

    Allan Spiegel


    Allan founded ShowFX in 1995 as an experienced pyrotechnician with a dream and passion to create entertaining special effects and fireworks displays. His focus along with his team is on designing, producing and delivering innovative quality displays for a range of clients. Allan has led ShowFX to where it is today by showcasing it's products and services around the world.


  • Sharon layer

    Sharon Kellett

    Financial Controller

    Sharon has been with ShowFX since 2001 bringing with her over 20 years of financial operations experience to the business. Sharon ensures the financial side of the business is healthy and is well managed, leaving the creative and technical crew to do amazing special effects.

    Sharon ROLL


  • Blank-person-photo-e1412191714122

    Amy Nichol

    Operations Manager

    Amy joined ShowFX in 2016 after working within the events industry in the UK where she was involved in the 2015 Rugby World Cup tournament. Amy's knowledge and expertise in all facets of event management assists Allan and the team to deliver the highest quality of service to all our clients.

  • nick layer

    Nick Burcul

    Senior Pyrotechnician

    Nick is a ShowFX aficionado working throughout Australia and New Zealand on tours and events such as P!NK, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, Metallica, Drake and numerous sporting events such as AFL and the Big Bash League cricket. His valuable experience with pyrotechnics and special effects coupled with his natural affinity in creating that wow factor is unmatched.


    nick roll

  • Phil_BASE

    Phil Z

    Senior Pyrotechnician

    Phil is responsible for the preparation of outdoor fireworks displays, stock control and equipment maintenance. Phil’s experience and knowledge of ShowFX's operations ensures his attention to detail and special effects work delivers the goods.


  • Tim_BASE

    Tim Ledger

    Senior Pyrotechnician

    Tim is responsible for the preparation and design of outdoor fireworks displays and theatrical displays. He ensures all our products and equipment are maintained to the highest standard. Tim’s fireworks knowledge and passion is a key part to all ShowFX fireworks displays.


  • Bill_BASE

    Bill Hatcher


    Bill is involved with the day to day operations of the ShowFX factory as well as touring many of our events nationwide such as Katy Perry and Kendrick Lamar. Bill has gained his experience from a number of tours and sporting events and is our expert on managing large scale festivals such as Splendour in the Grass and Beyond the Valley. Bill's passion for special effects and pyrotechnics helps him deliver an incredible experience for both our clients and audience.



Safety is our first consideration as part of all our services we provide. ShowFX works closely with all government and relevant authorities to improve safety standards and procedures in the industry.

We negotiate all necessary statutory and legal approvals as individualised by each state, territory and venue. ShowFX also uses various risk management plans and tools. These are tailored to provide WHS documentation to our clients, venues and authorities. This assists in the planning and operation of safe practices. ShowFX provides appropriate insurance and indemnities to all clients and displays.

We ensure that all ShowFX displays comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations relevant to the state or territory the it is being operated in.

ShowFX is a member and actively involved in the Pyrotechnics Industry of Australia (PIAA) and International Special Events Society (ISES).