ShowFX has the special effects you need to create a spectacular event whether it be an outdoor fireworks display, pyrotechnics or flames, a blast of confetti or streamers, or CO2 jets for a festival, concert or stadium show. We can create low fog, bubbles and snow for any occasion or you can purchase confetti or hire CO2 jets for your corporate event.

If you don't see the special effects you are looking for below, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you to create something unique for your event.

  • Fireworks

    Our fireworks can be launched from land, water or rooftops leaving the audience enthralled with excitement. ShowFX has a large range of fireworks from around the world including products that fire out of the water. Musical fireworks displays using our modern technology that synchronize spectacularly....

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  • Co2

    Co2 is an instant jet of smoke that can be shot on cue and reaches heights up to 12m in a split second and will disappear as quick as it appears. The sheer velocity and power of our Co2 effects highlight any performance....

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  • Confetti & Streamers

    We can create an instant blast of confetti and streamers, or a continuous effect of confetti raining down. This can mark a celebration using any colour combination. Our new powderfetti creates a dynamic blast of colour and we can also create custom shape confetti and launch “play” money, fake rose petals, stars or paper snow. Not matter what confetti effect you are looking for we have something to celebrate that special moment!  ...

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  • Flames

    Creating fire special effects are one of our specialties. From small to large fireballs that shoot 1m to 15m, flaming cauldrons, coloured liquid flames or custom gas flame effects we are sure to have what you need for your event....

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  • Low Fog

    Our low fog systems create the real dry ice effect. The fog remains low to the ground or stage 10cm to 60cm high. We can fill a small stage to a whole arena and can also be used for walkways, catwalks and rising stages....

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  • Pyrotechnics

    Close Proximity Pyrotechnics, from a small spark onstage to a large star burst at stadiums, ranging from 1m to 100m and 1sec to 30sec. Our vast range of pyrotechnics will suit any production or event....

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  • Bubbles

    ShowFX's bubble machines can create thousands of bubbles a minute which provide fun and entertainment for all ages. The bubbles can be mounted from high above in an arena or from the stage floor. With the new Magic FX smoke bubble blasters you can now have standard bubbles or smoke filled bubbles that create that extra special effect!...

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  • Snow

    We make snow without the chill factor. Our snow master machines produce snow based on a special non-toxic evaporative fluid. Hanging from truss or positioned on the stage floor, ShowFX can create a snowstorm in any size venue....

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  • SpecialFX

    Shattering glass, blowing up cars, Holi powder explosions: these are some of the effects we can create for film, television or a media launch. ShowFX manufacture special effects on request, we use a variety of products that allow us to take in every detail from safety to its appearance on camera....

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